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Start Your Dream

Start Your Dream

Welcome to Topengku.com. Site is build to bring inspiration for you to live a successfull life full of joy, meaning and happiness. Its a place where you can find motivation, advice, a shoulder to cry on and unique strategies to continue your life with confidence and proud.

Being able to live a life is sometimes harder than being dead. A coward can just sit still or go to bed sleep and dream having a good life. Its what they do. Dont dream when you sleep, dream when you awake. So you know you have something to live for. So you know you have something to reach for. You have to create strategies to reach your dream, you have to implement that strategies, you have to monitor or check on your strategies if it going the right way ( which is toward your dream). Thats what living is. But most importantly is you have to do it with patience and love. Its your dream, so you have to love it right ?

Helping others with different backgrounds is a true honor for me. I hope this quotes will allows me to accompany individuals on their journey to reach their dream and lives the fullest out of their lifes.

If you think Iam a ‘guru’ or a master in psychology or an expert in human relationship, you wrong. Im just a regular guy who experienced many things in life and i learn how to overcome those problems. So i know how hard it is.

If you want to reach me please contact me at admin@topengku.com.

Remember, If you want your life to be something, then you need to create that something. DREAM WHEN YOU AWAKE NOT WHEN YOU SLEEP.